If you have any content that you’d like to see published or any idea to contribute to Altaïr, and you are sure your content is in line with Altaïr‘s values on journalism and travel, send your pitch to (in case of doubt or suggestion, please use our contact form).

The newsroom reads every mail sent but we can’t assure an answer to every e-mail.

Long-form journalism telling good human stories about people and places, to go further and try to understand what sorrounds us.

Contents different in form and substance to the conventional stories found in traditional travel magazines. We look for a new and particular point of view and we escape from clichés.

Texts well built from a formal, syntactic, grammatical and aesthetic point of view.

Variable length: from a short text (1.000 words) to a longer one (3.500 words); or a graphic proposal (including comics, illustration and graphic journalism) with a narrative structure; or a documentary film.

A title between 5-7 words, summarizing the content and idea of your work.

An explanatory subtitle delving into the issue in a natural way.

An interesting and genuine beginning (a spark).

A fluid development, well-built and rhythmic, with interesting references, roles, ideas and scenes according to Altaïr’s philosophy («to go further»).

A powerful ending. It has to leave a footprint on the reader.

If possible, with images.

Text in .doc format with sources and hyperlinks, if applicable.

Link to your pictures on Flickr or other online options (not as attachments).

Link to you video in Vimeo or Youtube (not as attachmentsl).